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 Possible WIP Plot Plan

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PostSubject: Possible WIP Plot Plan   Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:59 pm

Well. Usually, Jaye writes and controls every single plot, and I thought that we could look at something a bit different for a change. He's good at it, but diversity is also good. I'm not going to dictate the plot, but I'd like to try guiding it. I'm going so far as to say that we should try a separate genre. Right now, we CP mostly as Sonic-inspired anthro characters. I'm not particularly bad at coming up with plots for that, but I think that I shouldn't encroach on Jaye's domain, there. I actually prefer 'feral' animal CPs and RPs. Basically, that means that they can talk to each-other but aren't anthropomorphic. Since the CPs here are usually pretty laid back, I'm not suggesting that we completely create a new universe, but that we borrow this one.

I can explain anything about it that needs to be explained, and I'm very good at coming up with plots for these. I'm thinking that we create and expand on the universe, we can ignore the current clans, cats, and territories and come up with our own. They can have a different religious system, different customs, whatever. A different amount of clans is fine. But this would be a good thing to experiment with. In fact, I'd keep track of them.

This would be a little bit of a jump from the very complex stuff that we do now, but I think that taking away the multiple universes would leave a lot of room for data on all of the different clan's and cats' alliances. In fact... If we really wanted, we could do something similar to the Warriors universe, but with Vulpines. It's a very flexible system. Right now, I'm editing in a plot idea to get it started, but I wanted to get this posted first.

I ask that the cat characters be natural colored, but if it's that important to you, then you can decide on a neon sparklecat. I don't mind "unnatural" markings, {Ie: Skulls, crosses, stars, etc.} but again, prefer natural ones. We can decide on whether or not we want to be open to them having powers or mutations. Or, if they should even be cats. Vulpines is also an interesting idea. So... Give your input, then I can start to finalize the plot in my mind. I'm working on a biography/ description of my first character, now...

Addendum- Also, the sheer amount of characters might require that we mention less-used ones by name rather than color. In fact, that would probably work better for any but the "main" ones.
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Possible WIP Plot Plan
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