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 The Law Which Binds FGFTW-TLZ

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PostSubject: The Law Which Binds FGFTW-TLZ   Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:30 am

Here, as transcribed below, are the official rules of FGFTW-TLZ.

1. Thou shalt not spam. Spam is, as defined here - 'Posts with little to no merit and/or little to no content.' However, this rule may be excepted in reference to the Long Offical Off-Topic Thread.

2. Mild swearing is allowed for the sake of roleplaying and forum games in general. Anything seeming to violate this rule will be handled on a call-to-call basis.

3. Do not talk about, post, or link others to sexual or pornographic content. Romance within posts or chat is fine, same reasons and restrictions as Rule 2.

4. On the matter of flaming and trolling. No, they don't make you look 'cool', so to speak. Yes, they do make you stand out - but with a negative impression. Simply put, avoid baseless and needless insulting and bashing of anyone or anything and you should be just fine.

5. Abstinence from double-posting is necessary. Should your topic be more than three days without another post, you may bump it. Having said that; no triple posting, and par for a 'dead' topic is a month and a half - they will be moved into storage then and can be brought back if so requested.

6. Double-checking to be certain you're posting in the right place with correct information doesn't take much; but it can make a large difference.

7. Please use correct spelling and grammar. While it isn't a requirement, it makes it easier to read and to enjoy.

8. Do not publicize illegal matters: they are not endorsed here and will be dealt with sharply.

9. Multiple accounts under control of the same person are not allowed; one is enough and
any created after a banishment will be banned.

10. The hierarchy is as thus, with each successive group subject to the jurisdiction to those above: Administrators > Global Moderators > Game Moderators/Maze Moderators >(Half step) Chat Moderators >(Half step) Members > Restricted Members > Banned Members. Note: Not all groups may have yet been assembled. This depends upon time.

11. Have fun! That's an order - See Rule 10.

12. These rules are suject to change at a moment's notice, if anything should need clarification.

Enjoy your stay in FGFTWTLZ, and don't drown!

EDIT by Kalistik: Yes. Behave, and follow the rules. I will follow all the same rules as Tails, so don't think you are getting away with anything with me.
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The Law Which Binds FGFTW-TLZ
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